Stucco has been gaining more and more popularity in New York these days. It is commonly used in home exterior finishing projects to create unique and attractive surfaces. Stucco can be used as siding or covering of less attractive surfaces such as concrete, adobe, clay brick or cinder block.

Why Stucco?

There are a lot of reasons why stucco must be used in most New York homes. The truth is that stucco is more than just being an aesthetic touch to your home's finish. Besides beautifying the home, this material has also the following advantages:

  • Durability. Stucco is known to be repellent to scratches, cracks, nicks, and dings. In fact, its durability can outlast wood, vinyl, and brick sidings. As compared to other surfaces, stucco can offer 50 or more years of service to homeowners.

  • Fire resistance. Stucco is made basically of water, sand, and lime, which are all fire resistant. With stucco on the walls, it can prevent a house fire from entering the walls as well as from spreading.

  • Weather resistance. With the climate in New York, stucco makes a great material for finishing houses in the state. Stucco is known to hold up very well even in extreme weather conditions such as snow, heat, and rain.

  • Flexibility. Stucco is porous, which makes it capable of absorbing impact rather than actually taking in damage.

  • Maintenance. With the weather resistance and durability of stucco, there rarely is a need for repair. As compared to a painted concrete that lasts two to three years only, colored stucco has the color ingrained so there is practically no need for repainting.

With all these features of stucco, it is no doubt that it brings in a long-term attractiveness to any home. Without a doubt, it increases the home value. Plus, stucco can help you save a lot of money in the end as there are no need for repairs, repainting, and a lot of other details when it comes to maintenance. And what is even more surprising about stucco is that it is resistant to both cold and heat, which can keep your house cool when it's warm and vice versa. This can definitely save you money from your energy bills in the long term.

Stucco Application

You never will really go wrong with a stucco application on your home's exterior and interior walls. However, if you are considering a home improvement project using stucco, you have to consult only the professionals. Though applying stucco may appear very simple, it actually is not. Improper application of stucco in surfaces can lead to problems such as cracking, bulging, separating, and so much more.

And if you are living in Bronx, Westchester, or Rockland County, you can always call AK Paving for stucco application. We are an experienced, licensed, and insured contractor that can offer reliable stucco installation. We have a group of talented and skilled experts to deliver the best craftsmanship all the time following your preferences and needs for the project. Contact us through e-mail, phone, or visit our office so that we can start your home improvement project.

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Blue House Stucco
Blue House Stucco
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Stucco synthetic
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