Custom Stone

Custom stone is the perfect choice for artistic homes of New York. People are so unforgiving with unstylish blend in architecture. Residential or commercial spaces need to have the touch of elegance. Otherwise, they will never fit the creative and luxurious Tristate area. Only custom stones are flexible enough to be recreated in thousands of possible variations. Not only that. These stones are also as durable as the more expensive flagstones and natural stones.

What is a Custom Stone?

As the name suggests, custom stones are specially made by following the pattern, shape, texture, and character of natural stones like flagstones, granite, river stones, limestones, bricks, and many others. They also have a variety of colors from the whitest white and most innocent beige to the darkest black and loudest neons. Due to their flexibility, it's possible for them to be molded in a very unique material that resembles nothing else. Just imagine the possibilities—the choice is limited only by the imagination.

Types of Custom Stone

Although it can be made in unlimited varieties, custom stones can still be found in easy-to-choose classifications. They are classified by their physical attributes that provide different aesthetic effects on homes and landscapes.

Castle rocks are custom stones that mimic the look of rocks found on antique castles. They imitate the character that's only possible with time. They are usually in the hues of brown and yellow and typically shaped in squares and rectangles. A monotone scheme is rare, though, because most of these are available in a color scheme with about three colors. Rubble type looks like castle rocks but it is usually in grey and black hues.

Castle rocks and rubbles are installed cleanly to give detailed look. But ledge type is stacked on top of one another to create a ragged appeal. They may look like unstable and seem to eventually fall down. But don't worry because these custom stones are stacked together using heavy-duty cement to keep their unique appearance without sacrificing safety.

Stack is also stacked just like the ledge type. But instead of the irregular, elongated stones, stack type uses exceptionally long rectangular blocks. A few squares may be used but only for keeping the balance of other stack custom stones.

Fieldstone resembles the look of flagstones. They are wide, big, and ragged that they provide that classic, sophisticated look. River rocks are similar to fieldstones only that they have a rounder and smoother finish—just like giant pebbles.

Take note that any type of custom stone can be made in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns to satisfy every need and desire. There's no limit also on where they can be used—be it indoors or outdoors. But with their rustic and elegant look, custom stones deserve to be showed off outdoors.

Installation of Custom Stones in New York Homes

Showing off will never happen, though, unless these beautiful custom stones were perfectly installed by licensed and insured contractors like AK Paving. For almost 20 years, we have been transforming New York homes into works of art. Besides custom stones, we are also experienced at laying down natural stones and flagstones by your request. All these and more services are offered at affordable rate. If you find a better deal, contact us today and we will match it.

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Custom Stone
Before work instalation of Veneers Stone
Custom Stone
After work instalation of Veneers Stone
Custom Stone
Before work steep designer with Bulnose and Brick
Custom Stone
After work steep designer with Bulnose and Brick
Custom Stone
After work steep walkway designer
Custom Stone
After work walkway designer brick
Custom Stone
Different designers walkway
Custom Stone
Different design walkway
Custom Stone
Driveway custom designer
Custom Stone
Driveway custom designer
Custom Stone
Driveway designer
Custom Stone
Custom Stone
Restoration blue stone walkway
Custom Stone
Custom Stone
Steeps with bulnose
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